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Are you in.
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Because let’s face it, perseverance is the key to success in life.
Check it out.
This also reminds me of a precept by Sir Edwin Sandys, a politician who helped establish Jamestown, Virginia.
The complete quote was, A Jack of all trades and master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.
It originated from Lady Mary Montgomerie Currie’s poem Tout vient a qui sait attendre.
And then.
Are you in.
Now compare that proverb to this famous aphorism.
The original dictum said, A penny spar’d is twice got, but it’s adapted over the years for modern English.
Remember that.
We’ve all probably had to learn that the hard way.
Sometimes, though.
Aphorisms state universal truths about life that encourage reflection.
Pick an aphorism that relates to your message and use it to stay focused on your overarching theme.